Nick is a first class Strength and Conditioning coach. He has helped me with individual training programmes and with fitness for my teams over the years. His work is unique and outstanding. 

Chris Witts - UEFA qualified coach. Has worked with Chelsea, Fulham and Arsenal 

Nick took me from a somewhat podgy 92kg down to a svelt 76kg over a matter of months. He kept saying 'train like an athlete not a gym member'. It worked ! 

Alex Boug - IT Project Manager

I was 86 years old when I started training with Nick ! He wasn't afraid to challenge and push me and as a result of his programme I was better able to climb the stairs and I started taking the dog out again ! Roger -Retired

Nick's training programme enabled me to break the British Record ! - James Houston, Athlete

I was struggling with some of the tests to gain entry into the British Police force. Nick put me onto a training regime that meant I passed them with ease. Thanks Nick ! - Karen, Police Officer

Nick got me doing exercises and lifting in a way I never imagined. As a woman I felt somewhat intimidated by free weights and some of the men that 'hogged' that area in the gym. Nick instilled in me the confidence to make a monumental leap. My bodyfat percentage dropped and my lean muscle increased. For years I was wasting time attending classes and using machines. Now I train in a much better way. - Denise - Manager, Banking